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High-Performing Websites

We have a deep understanding of what it takes to create high-performing websites that can give you a competitive edge.

We ensure full optimization to ensure total quality and maximum aesthetics. The end result will lead to higher conversions when your clients are looking to book your services.

We understand the critical role of aesthetics in the aesthetics industry. Therefore, having an aesthetically pleasing website is a pivotal factor in ensuring your business’s long-term success.

Website Packages

Our packages cater to not only established beauty brands, but to new entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

No matter the package, you can rest assured that you’re getting a tailor-made, fully customized aesthetic design that delivers results!

The Signature Brand

This is perfect if you’re looking for a full brand overhaul and ready to make an impact immediately. We work with you extensively to make sure you have a brand that’s truly inspiring.

Investment $6000 USD

Client questionnaire
Curated color palette
Mobile optimization
Basic ‘on-page’ SEO
Blog Setup
Up to 15 pages plus pop-up
Primary and secondary logo
Branding guidelines
Up to 3 logo concepts

The Essentials +

This is great if you’re ready to make a splash! This will be a website that truly showcases all your services with a strong visual identity in order to attract your dream clients!

Investment $4500 USD

Client questionnaire
Curated color palette
Mobile optimization
Basic ‘on-page’ SEO
Blog Setup
Up to 12 pages plus pop-up

The Essentials

This is ideal if you’re a new beauty professional, who is just looking for a website in order to get started on your  new venture! Also great if you’re an established business looking for a little refresh.

Investment $3250 USD

Client questionnaire
Curated color palette
Mobile optimization
Basic ‘on-page’ SEO
Up to 6 pages plus pop-up

The Essentials Lite
Designed for Beauty Professionals, The Essentials Lite Website Package is perfect if you’ve recently started your business and you’re now looking for a budget friendly website, but you don’t want to compromise on the aesthetics and the performance.

Investment $1197 USD

5 web design templates to choose from
Mobile optimization
Basic ‘on-page’ SEO
4 pages plus pop-up

Aesthetically Pleasing And (High-Performing) You Say?

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Not only will your website look the part, but it will be high-performing. There is nothing worse than a website that takes ages to load, or is a nightmare to navigate.


But who said it can’t be aesthetic while they’re scrolling.

We know your clients want to know 3 things

(Who you are)
(What you offer)
(How to purchase)

Who We Work With?

Merak Beauty Lounge

Med Spas
Skincare Brands
Wellness Brands
Aesthetic Clinics

Merak Beauty Lounge Client

We Might Be A Good Match If?

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You’re drawn to modern aesthetic websites that have a strong visual identity

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You enjoy brainstorming ideas, providing feedback, and have a positive outlook

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You are ready to do your homework and fill our client questionnaire + create a Pinterest board

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You’re ready to invest in yourself and for your business so that you can make an impact for your clients 

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